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HuddleMD just launched our pilot program! Explore our site to learn how the HuddleMD platform solves pain points for both patients and payers while also lowering heart failure re-admissions by upwards of 56%!

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Our Story

Over 6 million Americans suffer from Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), a serious chronic condition that has no cure. 1 in 4 patients will be hospitalized with CHF, 25% of whom will be re-hospitalized within just 30 days of discharge and half of whom will be re-hosptialized within 60 days of discharge.

Readmissions cost health insurance companies (payers) $7.5B annually and are physically and emotionally painful for patients.

The complexity of heart failure management is compounded by the number of patients who experience adverse downstream effects of the social determinants of health (SDOH). These patients are less able to access care and more likely to experience poor heart failure outcomes over time. Many patients face additional challenges associated with the cost of complex, chronic illness management and must make difficult decisions about their own health, particularly when the costs of medications and healthcare appointments are at odds with basic food and housing needs.

Several studies have proven that hospital re-admissions, due to heart failure, are reduced by 56% when patients are equipped with a multi-disciplinary care team – a cardiologist, PCP, nutritionist, social worker, pharmacist, and case manager – to overcome barriers created by SDOH. Unfortunately, this solution is often not implemented due to time and resource constraints. 

Patients currently struggle with managing their care and identifying the timing and cause for when their care is off track. Payers have difficulty getting members to leverage and communicate with care resources, and these care manager teams have difficultly understanding and targeting critical members. 

At HuddleMD, we want to redefine the standard of care by putting patients first and making payers more effective in providing value to members. HuddleMD digitizes the multi-disciplinary care team to capture the story behind health data and ultimately providing access to this proven solution at scale and at a fraction of the cost.

Through immediate care alerts, HuddleMD ensures patients understand when their care is off track and connects them to their case manager at the appropriate time. Ultimately, HuddleMD provides patients with both peace of mind and autonomy in effectively managing their care.  

While care management teams focused on CHF patients exist, they struggle with prioritizing critical patients, identifying factors contributing to patients’ worsening heart failure, and connecting with patients to take preventative action. HuddleMD identifies critical members and automatically connects them to the appropriate resource, effectively lowering the total cost of member care.

Ultimately, HuddleMD strives to improve quality of life for patients suffering for heart failure! 

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The HuddleMD Difference:

Enhancing best practices to create a new reality.

According to the AHA, investing in personnel development to help vulnerable patients navigate and access care resources can improve patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs associated with unnecessary emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and re-admissions for patients with HF.

Groundbreaking Social Determinants of Health assessment tool as part of routine care of patients with HF.

Facilitate routine data collection, storage, and retrieval of patient SDOH data for individual care planning and population health initiatives.

Implement clinical triggers to alert healthcare providers at the time of a health encounter that SDOH challenges may be present.

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Once hospitalized for heart failure, 50% of patients will be re-hospitalized within just 60 days of discharge.

Huddle MD is your one-stop shop for managing your Heart Failure from the comfort of your home. 

Using a simple daily check in, HuddleMD helps you track your health and catches warning signs early, helping you avoid long and expensive hospital visits. 

Through our unique and validated algorithms, HuddleMD helps you identify key life changes and circumstances that could be affecting your heart failure. With your permission, HuddleMD routes these health risks to people who can help, letting you take control of your heart failure and helping you stay out of the hospital.  

Sign up for our free pilot today to experience for yourself how HuddleMD can help you stay out of the hospital and get back to enjoying the activities you love!



HuddleMD helps you create value for members while lowering the total cost of care.

The HuddleMD platform brings a tremendous advantage to the payer landscape in the care and case management department. Physicians’ practices using remote patient monitoring for Chronic Care Management can save health plans an average of $74/per month per beneficiary, according to research from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

HuddleMD enables you to reduce heart failure readmissions and lower the total cost of member care by identifying critical members and automatically connecting them to their unique care manager. 

Our integrated platform ensures your care management resources are effectively leveraged, and ultimately improves your metrics for increased  reimbursements. 

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HuddleMD catches patients before they're sick and uses key algorithms to optimize the resources and multidisciplinary care teams health systems already have. 

HuddleMD gives you unique insights into your patients’ health outside of the hospital, particularly on key social determinants of health (SDOH) that could adversely affect their heart failure. 

HuddleMD uses a daily check-in along with a proprietary algorithm of SDOH analysis to pick up on adverse health trends early on. This patient generated health data is easily collected and can be added to your EMR systems. By alerting you about patients who are starting to veer off track, HuddleMD facilities early intervention, before concerns rise to the level of hospitalization. 

Additionally, by providing key insights into SDOH contributing to cyclic readmission cycles, we enable health systems to better utilize their resources and multidisciplinary care teams by routing patients to the health providers who can best address the root cause of each patients’ readmissions. 

Our platform provides reassurance to healthy patients, aid to high-risk patients, and instant rewards to all patients, incentivizing those with heart failure to take control of their care from the comfort of their home.

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What do a resident cardiothoracic surgeon, computer science engineer, health-tech PM, innovation consultant, investment banker, and a blockchain security consultant have in common? We are team HuddleMD and we are passionate about helping CHF patients across America!


Jessica Ridella


Jessica Ridella is an MBA candidate at the Kellogg School of Management with a dual major in Finance and Strategy. She also holds a B.S. in Human Development from Cornell University. Jessica has over 6 years in management consulting experience at IBM with a focus on strategic innovation as it relates to technology. Jessica specializes in cybersecurity where she has helped numerous enterprise accounts define their security posture and protect their corporations. Furthermore, Jessica is passionate about blockchain, and has several years of experience consulting firms on how to leverage blockchain within their business models. Jessica founded and created the Kellogg Blockchain Society.


Sarita Patankar


Sarita is an MBA candidate at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. She brings a wealth of experience as a Senior Consultant in the Analytics & Cognitive practice at Deloitte Consulting, where she guided Fortune 500 clients in defining and executing strategies around innovation and emerging technology such as AI and blockchain. She also currently advises as a Venture Fellow with Purple Arch Ventures in Chicago. Sarita earned her B.A. from Columbia University.


Taehun Kim

Chief Technology Officer

Taehun Kim is a Computer Science MS candidate at Northwestern University. He also holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University. Taehun worked as a research assistant in Korea Unversity Medical Center. Taehun has many experience of building website and mobile applications. From his academic background, he specializes in building models and algorithms in the medical field.


Jenny Korban

Chief Product Officer

Jenny Korban is a dual degree MBA/MS candidate at the Kellogg School of Management and McCormick School of Engineering. She worked as a technology consultant at EY, leading design and development teams building technology products for federal government clients. While at Kellogg, she worked as a Product Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and at AI healthcare startup Lumiata. Jenny is passionate about building human-centered technology rooted in robust consumer research, improving wellness through consumer-focused healthcare technology, and improving data interoperability in healthcare to build better products and experiences.


Sandeep Bharadwaj

Chief Medical Officer

Sandeep N. Bharadwaj is an integrated cardiothoracic surgery resident at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He received his MD from Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. Sandeep has spent years conducting research in the heart failure space and has presented his work at numerous leading scientific conferences. He is passionate about finding better solutions to heart failure management. Sandeep also holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University's McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.